Conference Steering Board

The Steering Board (StB) is comprised by representatives of all the organisations that jointly organise biodiversity_next.

The role of the StB is to:

  1. Provide guidance on the key directions of the conference;
  2. Appoint members of the Programme Committee and Local Organising Committee and;
  3. Ensure that the event is meeting its high level objectives.
Dimitris KoureasChair Director, International Biodiversity Infrastructures, Naturalis Biodiversity Center | Coordinator, DiSSCo
Joe MillermemberExecutive Secretary, Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Deborah PaulmemberSteering Committee member, iDigBio
James MacklinmemberChair, TDWG

Wouter AddinkmemberDeputy coordinator, DiSSCo
Ana CasinomemberExecutive Director, CETAF
Peter SchalkmemberDirector of Public Engagement, Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Juan Miguel González-ArandamemberLifeWatch ERIC, Chief Technology Officer-Director ICT Core e-Infrastructure