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Pensoft Publishers is an open science publisher and technology provider, internationally recognised for its cutting-edge tools and workflows. Pensoft is a pioneer in implementing semantic tagging and enrichment of published articles as a routine editorial practice. 

In 2013, Pensoft launched the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ), introducing the first ever XML-based publishing workflow developed specifically to provide a streamlined tool for the needs of open access biodiversity data publishing.

As one of the first advocates of open access and open data in the field of biodiversity, Pensoft has been actively working on the OpenBiodiv workflow focused on managing and linking new and existing knowledge from scholarly literature


We have taken on a mission of making historical treasures digitally available to the world of science, research, and education – and to anyone whose interest is sparked.

Over the last few years, Picturae has digitized more than 12 million specimens for several natural history institutions, all over the world.

Picturae’s in-house development team builds software solutions for creating online access to the digital materials of our clients by developing websites as well as by leveraging our own collection management system, Memorix.


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BioShare Digitization

We design and build automated conveyor-driven digitization lines.  Turn-key solutions are available for herbarium sheets and pinned insects.  Collections can now have mass-digitization systems in-house and work at their own pace. Worldwide shipping.

Our latest innovation is an automated 3D modeling system for insect collections.  See ENTODIG-3D presentations during the conference.

We are the successors of Digitarium – the pioneer in industrializing digitization. Bioshare Digitization was a spun out of the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Helsinki in 2017.


AIM is a team of passionate scientists and nature enthusiasts with more than ten years of experience in DNA barcoding. Our goal is to support biomonitoring projects across the globe in order to help preserve biodiversity. Monitoring the diversity of biospheres will help science and industry to understand how biodiversity is being impacted. We can only respect and protect what we know and understand.

Globally accessible databases make it possible to catalog the biodiversity in its entirety – not solely focus taxa – in just one analysis step. Thus, “biodiversity monitoring 2.0” is able to support large-scale monitoring projects in times of ever-increasing demand for species identification, even as numbers of specialists are decreasing almost as rapidly as species diversity.

We have advanced our metabarcoding technology of digitally capturing biodiversity, which has enabled us to support over 150 biodiversity monitoring studies over the last four years.

Elles & Hellen

We want to give a special shoutout to studio Elles & Hellen for designing and building the podium design. It was stunning!