Grant Applications: Conference participation grant


Conference participation grant for biodiversity scientists, infrastructure operators, data managers and policy makers from African countries.

Benefit of the grant and attend the first Biodiversity_Next Conference on bio- and geodiversity data (20 – 21 October Pre-Conference, 22 – 25 October Main Conference) in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The organizers of the conference have the pleasure to announce the Conference Participation Grant for biodiversity scientists, infrastructure operators, data managers and policy makers from African countries who can normally not attend the conference due to financial or other reasons. The grant covers the cost of travel to and from Leiden, the registration fee and hotel accommodation. Additional expenses need to be covered by the applicant.

Biodiversity_Next pays special attention to capacity-building, exposure and extending the network of organisations which collect, manage and disseminate biodiversity data and information in Africa.

The Tracks Science-Standards-Infrastructures cover the overall spectrum of needs of the global community working in biodiversity informatics (or IT information technology). The track Policy & International Coordination connects policymakers, NGO’s and corporations which make and influence decisions that are crucial to preserving biodiversity in Africa.

Biodiversity_Next offers Africa in the Picture-events throughout the conference including:

  1. Interest Group GS40 African Interest Group-Biodiversity and Sustainable Development;
  2. Symposium SS73 Biodiversity Informatics: Perspectives of the Global South;
  3. Symposium SS48 Strengthening the biodiversity informatics: community of practice through capacity enhancement;
  4. Working lunch African Interest Group – about Biodiversity data strategy for Africa.

The Africa in the Picture-events and travel grant are supported by JRS Biodiversity Foundation grant.

The grant is open to biodiversity professionals working and living on the African continent with:

  • hands-on working experience in biodiversity informatics initiatives at country level relevant to the Biodiversity_Next Conference;
  • data driven excellence;
  • the competency to network and scale to regional perspectives with ease.

Interested applicants are welcome to submit:

  • A short CV; including proof of English language skills.
  • A short text in which the applicant’s professional focus and potential contribution to as well as the benefit of the Biodiversity_Next Conference for his/her job are clearly stated.
  • Statement of travel costs from applicant’s country to Leiden. An estimation of the cost can be uploaded in the application form.

Deadline is Wednesday 24th of July 2019

Applicants will be notified within 2 weeks after the closing date.

All applications need to be in English as this is the main language of the Conference. There are a limited number of grants thus priority will be given to young professionals and an even geographic distribution and gender balance.

The grant recipients are required:

  • to participate in the pre-conference,
  • to participate in the Interest Group GS40, Symposium SS73 and SS483,
  • the working lunch meeting of the African Interest Group,
  • to submit a written report after the conference.

More information:

Mrs. Jacqueline Bouwmans
Africa Coordinator Biodiversity_Next Conference

The Africa in the Picture events and travel grant are supported by JRS Biodiversity Foundation grant.